Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weather Update: Thursday, 5/26/2011

Above are pictures I took of a Piedmont Neighborhood where two people from this neighborhood are confirmed dead. Maybe this tornado outbreak will make us think twice before we go out and chase a tornado. 9 confirmed deaths. Listen to warnings and don't take them lightly. Luckily in this case if we didn't have people warned ahead of time we probably would of had a lot more deaths. Thoughts and Prayers go out to all these people.

Warm up looks likely the next couple of days. Next chance of rain looks like it will be Thursday night. SOME OF THOSE MAY BE SEVERE!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weather Update: Sunday, 5/22/11

Hey everyone hope you had a wonderful week and are ready to start a fresh new week!

First off all thoughts and prayers are with the town of Joplin, 24 confirmed dead after a tornado swept through the Missouri town at 6pm CDT today.

As for Oklahoma Severe weather is likely tomorrow. ALL Oklahoman's are urged to monitor the LATEST weather tomorrow. If a severe thunderstorm forms tomorrow expect: Large Hail, Strong Winds and possible Tornadoes. Severe weather threat for Oklahoma City starts at Sunrise Monday Morning. On top of the severe weather comes the possibility of flooding as these thunderstorms that form will be very slow movers.

The Graphics above show the areas most likely for severe weather.

Stay Weather Aware tomorrow! And Be Safe!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weather Update: Sunday, 5/15/11


I've been getting a lot of emails with a common question: "Is the drought over since we had so much rainfall this past week?" The answer to that unfortunately is no. As you can see at the top of this blog is the updated drought graphic. Southwest Oklahoma still remains in a severe drought. So, in saying all that a lot of you guys are also asking me "when's it going to rain again?" After looking at the latest weather model run (GFS) Oklahoma City could be getting SEVERAL inches of rain from Wednesday Night to Next Sunday. One weather model is suggesting 2-5inches from a line of Lubbock-Altus-Oklahoma City-Tulsa-Miami. Still a couple of days out, so things can change, but it does indeed look like Oklahoma is going to be wet for a couple of days. Precipitation percentages on all those days stand at 60%.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weather Update: Tuesday, 5/10/11

Hey Everyone! Hope you are having a fantastic start to your summer and enjoying the time off.

Just finished looking at the weather model run (GFS) for tonight into tomorrow. Tonight we could see on and off showers and thunderstorms, however, not expecting any major accumulation of rainfall.

It is tomorrow that all eyes need to be on. A possible tornado outbreak is not out of the question. The main threat tomorrow will be large hail, high winds, heavy rain and unfortunately...tornadoes and some of those tornadoes could be powerful. We EURGE you to keep checking the weather tomorrow. This is something we have not seen in Oklahoma for quite awhile and it should not be taken lightly. Know where your safe spot is and have a plan ready for tomorrow.

----The graphic above represents the area of concern. (notice Oklahoma City is in the bulls eye)

Stay safe,